Roof ventilating Fan Without Power



Environment friendly: Panaround roof ventilating fan is efficient, explosion-proof, uses no electric energy, and causes no noise and spark.
Dust-proof: the wind turbine exhaust fan continuously operates 24 hours a day; This lowers the possibility of dust adhesion and makes the fan easy to clean.
Light weight: The weight of roof ventilating fan along with the base is approximately 15 kg, so the users need not take into consideration when designing steel structures.
Daylight: The interspaced between blades allows natural light to provide effective internal lighting during the day, thus reducing the electricity cost by 5-10%.

Long lasting: Panaround roof ventilating fan has a life time of over 15 years.




Curved blades are the result of scientific computing technology. They are not only rainproof but also contribute to high efficiency ventilation. The blade will perform self rotation operations quietly in circumstances where the breeze is not less than 0.2m/s and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference exceeds 0.5℃.


In addition to flat roof, Aonuodi roof ventilating fan can also be used on pitched roof (0-22°)

The special central shaft design effectively prevents turbine blades rotating at high speeds from deformation, thus greatly extending the service life of the roof ventilating fan without power.
The U.S.PEER.UBC, and Japan NSK high-precision bearing system (fully closed) with guaranteed quality. Solid spherical structure and permanently lubricated upper and lower ball bearings combine the need for maintenance and parts replacement.
Panaround roof ventilating fan without power can be easily installed on the concrete roof and contour plate of various industrial plants without any bracket.

As the roof ventilating fan requires no electricity cost and low installation cost, it can greatly save on users total cost.



Panaround roof ventilating fan without power is suitable for use in factories, warehouses, villas, patio, greenhouses, livestock houses, mining tunnels, and more. Typically, it is used in the flowing applications.

  It removes heat through the process of radiation, convection.
  It reduces the indoor temperature and improves the indoor air quality.
  The roof ventilating fan can work together with air conditioning to create better refrigeration effect.

It can keep the roof dry by removing moisture, steam, etc.


Panaround roof ventilating fan without power uses natural wind force and thermal convection caused by indoor and outdoor temperature difference to drive the turbine to rotate, and thereby draw out stable and impure hot air indoors via centrifugal for negative pressure


Technical Parameters of Roof ventilating Fan Without Power



Throat opening caliber(mm)

Outside diameter of turbine(mm)

Turbine height(mm)

Inlet air speed(m/s)

Air volume (m/h)

Weight (kg)









Stainless steel








Stainless steel


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